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How to Prep Your Skin for Spring Break

Planning to escape the Midwestern chill? Getting ready for a spring break vacation is super exciting, especially when you're heading south for some sunshine after a long winter. But with a change in weather comes changes to our skin, so here are our tips and tricks to prep your skin for a warmer climate!

Start Prepping at Home

Before your trip, get ready to make small tweaks to your skincare routine by planning ahead, introducing any warmer-weather products to your skin, and packing what you need. For example, when traveling to a warmer climate, you may need to switch to a lighter weight moisturizer to avoid clogging your pores. Don't forget to purchase one if you don't already have it at home, and start using it about 2-3 days before your trip! If you really want your skin to feel prepared for your travels, be sure to book a facial at least a few days before your departure!

Hydrate for the Plane

If your destination includes air travel, it is super important to bump up your hydration. The atmosphere on airplanes is extremely drying, so drinking extra water is key to keep your skin & body feeling good. We also recommend bringing a rose water toner or just a water based facial spray to spritz your skin throughout your flight for an extra boost in moisture.

SPF is still #1!!

Be sure to apply extra sunblock after swimming and sweating, especially if you have pale winter skin that hasn’t seen too much sun lately. Other sun-blocking packing essentials that will save your skin are sunglasses, a hat big enough to shade your entire face, and a swimsuit cover up to wear while you're not in the water. It's also a good idea to find a beach umbrella or ask your hotel if they provide one, and take many breaks in the shade. As nice as it is to soak up the sun while it's there, remember that many beach destinations have a much higher UV index than even the summer times in the Midwest, which makes it much easier to get a terrible sunburn with even a short duration of exposure. Be sure to pack some after sun products, including an aloe vera based gel and oat milk based moisturizer, in case of a bad sun burn that may compromise your vacation. And keep. applying. sunscreen!!

Increase in Exfoliation

Many people notice a change in their skin texture when spending more time in the sun, sweating, and around the salted air & water of the ocean. This can often cause a rougher, bumpier feel to your skin that can look and feel uncomfortable. An easy way to combat this is using an exfoliant 2-3 times a week, instead of once a week that's recommended in winter weather. This will not only help with texture, but the absorption of your products that keep your skin healthy after long days in the sun.

Prepare Your Skin for Your Return

Just as you prepared your skin for travel, you should prepare yourself to return home in the same ways! Although you may be tired after an exciting trip, it's important to still put effort into your skincare routine, slowly adjusting your products back to climate of the Midwest, and bumping up your hydration. It also is a good idea to book a facial with your esthetician (only after any sunburns have healed) to really bring your skin back to equilibrium after sun exposure and higher temperatures.

We hope these tips helped you feel prepared for your Spring Break adventures, or any future trips you may be taking! We hope everyone has safe travels, and can't wait to hear all about your excursions when you return.



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