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Updated: Oct 1, 2022

It's a new but proven procedure in the beauty industry. It's a gentle exfoliation that cleanses your skin, hydrates, and promotes rejuvenation.

How does it work?

The gentle exfoliation tool removes the top layer of the dead skin.

* Water is sprayed over the skin quickly, removing dead skin and allowing deep hydration.

* Water is combined with different serums, addressing exact skin problems.

* The treatment takes about 15 - 20 mins.

* This process will not over-exfoliate.

* It will increase circulation to your skin.

* It's very relaxing with no discomfort.

Who is this treatment for?

This facial is suitable for all skin types, whether it's sensitive skin, aging skin, skin that is congested and/or blemished, dry skin, and oily skin.

** Perfect for anyone who needs hydration & gentle exfoliation before a party or wedding.

Aftercare for Hydrodermabrasion Treatment:

This facial is effective and accessible to anyone living in Bloomingdale, IL ar True Skin Spa.

Some things to remember after the procedure:

  • Avoid direct sunlight. Always use SPF 15 or more

  • only gentle cleanser and lightweight moisturizer for the next few days

  • drink plenty of water

  • no exfoliation of any type like a scrub for the next three days

  • No excess sweating, avoid working out for a few days & sauna too

  • No swimming for at least two days

Always Skincare for the Win!

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