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Know your Skin Type Cheat Sheet!

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

A woman touching her face and glowing

Knowing your skin type is essential when it comes to skincare. Not only is it the first step in building your routine, the foundation on which all your products and regimens rest, but it also helps you understand your skin’s patterns and behaviors so that you can best take care of it and select products that will be most effective for you. Plus, once your skin type is figured out and you have a routine that works for you, you can begin introducing products to target your more specific skin concerns. But even though you know your skin better than anyone, it can be tricky to understand what skin type you have.

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While oily skin types typically have acne-prone skin and large pores, dry skin types can expect flaky skin and dry patches, and a lack of sebum produced throughout the day. Combination skin types are a mixture of both—with an oily T-zone and dry patches around the face. Sensitive skin types can experience redness and irritation after applying products with certain ingredients, artificial colors, and fragrances and might be more prone to rosacea, eczema, and psoriasis. Finally, normal skin types might only experience oiliness or dryness during certain times of the year and find that breakouts rarely occur. Keep in mind that it is possible for normal skin types to fit some characteristics of another skin type, often represented as "Normal-to-Dry" or "Normal-to-Sensitive."

Below is a quick look, or "cheat sheet," for you to help determine what skin type your face falls under.

Oily Skin

-Your face is greasy by mid-day, regardless of the season

-You frequently experience breakouts

-You have large, visible pores

Combination Skin

-Your T-zone is consistently oily, while your cheeks are often dry

-Your visible pores are concentrated in your T-zone area

-You experience acne and dry patches at the same time

Dry Skin

-You experience dry patches or flaking skin by mid-day

-Your skin is rarely oily, even at the end of the day

-Your skin often feels tight, itchy, or dry after cleansing

Normal Skin

-Your skin doesn't get more oily or drier during the day

-You only experience dry patches or excessive oil seasonally

-You rarely experience breakouts or sensitivity to products

Sensitive Skin

-You often experience redness or irritation after applying new products or products with ingredients like fragrance

-You have skin conditions like psoriasis, rosacea, or eczema

Woman cleansing her skin with foam cleanser while smiling

Got your skin type figured out now? Great! You’re ready to build a routine. Now that you know your skin type, you can select the appropriate moisturizer, cleanser, sunscreen, toner, etc. to properly take care of your skin and ensure it gets the care it needs. Not sure what ingredients are best for your skin type? Then it's time to book with an esthetician or skin professional to help you find your perfect regimen!


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